Global Company

Becoming an Outstanding Global Company

Tim&Co. is carrying out strategies to enhance competitiveness and achieve further growth based on our principles of safety, quality and compliance.
By doing so, we aim to develop corporate fundamentals appropriate for a company.

Our next stage of growth will focus not only on meeting the expectations of our customers and securing their trust,
but also providing new value to society as a whole.

Tim&Co. intends to step up its efforts on a company-wide basis to ensure that the business activities of the entire company adhere strictly
to applicable laws and regulations, and that they are conducted based on its social responsibilities as a corporation.

We aims to fulfil this responsibility to society while maintaining an appropriate level of profitability
that meets the expectations of our external and
internal clients who entrusted management responsibility to the Company,
thereby raising its mid-to-long term corporate value in a sustainable manner.

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