[Palmrest] XPAM

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Product name Full Arrangement
Type Horizontal: 438±2 mm /Height:80±2 mm / Adjustment:10 mm
Weight 347g
Product name Ten Keyless
Type Horizontal: 355±2 mm /Height:80±2 mm / Adjustment:12 mm
Weight 305g
Material Bamboo, etc
Country of Origin China
Note when purchasing product 1. The nature of the bamboo’s texture may make for inconsistent wood grains.
2. Check your keyboard size.
3.Due to the product’s manufacturing process a smell or scent may remain, however once opening the product and storing in a high temperature place it will naturally go away.
4. To not use for other purposes other than for a wrist rest.
5. Free warranty service is not offered for products damaged due to the customer’s negligence.

Free A/S provided for initial defects and faulty products
and in case of damages during use, a paid A/S is provided.

(However, products with initial defects are only processed with within 14 days of product delivery)

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